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Bali-based photographer specializing in architecture and real estate photography since 2008.

Architecture Photography Services

Specializing in villa and real estate photography with freelance work for

grayscale photography of camera
grayscale photography of camera
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white ceramic plate on brown wooden table
Freelance Photographer in Bali

Offering photography services for architecture, villas, and real estate in Bali.

Capturing the beauty of Bali through professional photography services for architecture and real estate.

Airbnb Photography Services

We specialized in architecture and real estate photography. Our team is dedicated to capturing the beauty and essence of each property we photograph, showcasing the unique design and features that make each building stand out. With our extensive experience and passion for capturing the perfect shot, we have become a trusted source for high-quality architectural and real estate photography in Bali. Whether it's a stunning villa, a luxurious hotel, or a modern commercial building, we have the expertise to bring out the best in every property. Our goal is to help our clients showcase their properties in the best possible light, attracting potential buyers and renters with captivating images that truly make an impact.

Meet The Photographer

Adhi's Journey

I am Adhi, a photographer based in Bali with experience since 2008. Specializing in architecture photography.

In other hand, Adhi is a marketing manager at the Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Sanctuary and also manages the monkey forest park. His role involves promoting the sanctuary and park to attract visitors and raise awareness about the conservation efforts for the monkeys and their natural habitat. He oversees various marketing strategies and campaigns to increase the park's visibility and visitor engagement. Additionally, as the park manager, Adhi is responsible for the park management and maintenance of the sanctuary, ensuring the well-being and safety of the monkeys and other wildlife within the park. His dedication to the conservation and preservation of the monkey forest reflects his passion for wildlife and environmental protection.

Freelance Photographer since 2012


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Bali, Indonesia

2012 - Present

Dedicated to capturing the beauty of villa, architecture and real estate properties. Experienced with Airbnb.

Freelance Work

Airbnb Freelance

2012 - Present

Specializing in villa and real estate photography. Collaborating with Airbnb since 2012.

Adhi Photography Portfolio

Capturing stunning architecture and real estate properties in Bali since 2012. Freelancing with